WordPress Blog to Facebook via Twitter

Social media as a lot of people know is a good way of getting your blog posts out and about.

How can you make the publication to social media quicker?

  1. Start with a website plug in, so that you can like a blog post
  2. Set up a Facebook Fan or Business Page
  3. Set up a Twitter account in your business or group name

Then step 2

  1. Log into Twitter and the Facebook account you want associated with your site
  2. Go to Settings menu
  3. then Profile Tab and scroll down
  4. Then click the Sign into Facebook and connect your account
  5. You may be prompted to select privacy settings – Set to Public only if you want people to see the post
  6. Click on the log in account you wish to use you will see the user photo

Then step 3 choose the page you wish to

You will see 3 lines of text see below and tick the relevant boxes that apply and the business page

Allow Twitter to:

Then click on allow to accept permissions


You should then find if you tweet a blog you get a link on you twitter and Facebook page to with web links back to your website – valuable for SEO

The one bit that had me foxed for ages was the “Allow Twitter” section and to unstick the post to Facebook profile but click the post to Facebook page.

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Show source files in Safari 7

As a website designers and developers we are often required to view web source files to help with construction SEO meta tags and keywords. In Safari 7 on Os.X it is hidden until you turn on the facility.

This is done by going to
-> Safari -> Preferences -> and put a tick in the box next to “Show Develop menu in the menu bar”

You will then find a menu called Develop will app ere in the top menu bar and in the drop down you can find:

  • Show Web Inspector
  • Show Error Console
  • Show Page Sources
  • Show Page Resources

just to name a few helpful add ons for website work

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Folder for Gloucester Airport EGBJ

Gloucester Airport EGBJ Folder


A4 folder designed for Gloucestershire Airport EGBJ
The brief was to create a folder that would appeal to both Business and General Aviation and could be used for a multiple of uses, inside the folder is a pocket that lines up with the front graphic, a logo that is covered when a business card is inserted into the card slots.


This was a tight deadline design and production job with the finished folder being gloss laminated that was completed and delivered on time.

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Dolffanog Fawr and Woven in Wales


Dolffanog Fawr a luxury guest house in Snowdonia.

We have just completed stunning new accommodation photos and produced a fresh new website for Dolffanog Fawr.

They have Melin Tregwynt woven in Wales throws and cushions in every room quality at its best, why not take a look at  www.dolffanogfawr.co.uk for a great get away at the foot of Cadair Idris Tal y llyn Wales.


On a recent visit to Cardiff I came across this Melin Tregwynt, woven in Wales, cushion cover i just could not resist it as the pattern and colours are fantastic www.melintregwynt.co.uk,

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Music Trespass Website


A complete build of the Music Trespass website from the ground up. An online music magazine site


The website has been built in a content management system for easy editing with News Blogs, Live Reviews, Reviews, Interviews Tour Dates  galleries and videos. all can be sub divided into the different categories of music the site caters for.

The site is still work in progress and i will be posting here again soon when it completed

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The Hamblin Trust


The Hamblin Trust Banner, created by our vinyl sign and banner production department, The logo was supplied and has been tweaked by our design team, the typeface has also been changed and left justified to make it more user friendly.

The objective for the tweaking was to make the logo uniform on the web, letterheads banners and publicity material and to create a relaxed standard identity to take the charity into the future.

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Twitter and Facebook

Well after some social media work our Twitter account has over 10,000 followers and our Facebook has over 4000 followers. Increasing social media is a must in this day and age google likes it and should help with page ranking.

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QR Code for Apt-Art Design


We now have a quick reference code, we think this is the best thing since sliced bread! If you have a iPhone or smart phone with the scanning app you can scan the code and it will instantly take you to a website or a specific page on a website.

We can now offer to add the facility to any website we design or host and feel it will be a fantastic way of getting some hits.

They can be produced with or without a simple logo in the middle. we decided to add a logo to keep our corporate image in the code

Scan it and see where you end up!

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Royal Princess

Royal Princess

Royal Princess

On board P&O cruises MV Arcadia passing Princess Cruises “Royal Princess” the day after she was named by the Duchess of Cambridge in Southampton. She was getting ready for her inaugural cruise when we passed her and had the ships horns of both ships blasting away, she then followed us down the solent.


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Responsive web design

The question, do I need a responsive web design?

When you shrink a website with responsive web design the graphics can go all over the place on a site other than the simplest. I was using responsive web in my latest template design but found it would not show on the iPad or iPhone correctly.

Once i reverted back to a non responsive site it all works well and stays in the correct place.

So it looks like responsive websites can be fantastic in the right place, but thought needs to be taken in wether to use it or not in your situation.

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Spring is in the air – just a few months late!


So Spring 2013 has finally sprung better late than never!


The fresh bright colours are very inspirational at this time of the year for both design and photography; it’s a good time to be out and about.


Its also a good time to spring clean your image and upgrade any publicity material and get new design work done.


Refreshing Creative Design

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