Is Your Image Good or Bad?

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Is Your Image Good or Bad?


As designers it is very easy to see when a business bypasses a creative and designs a logo in house, recently we have seen a number of logos produced where a company has designed it using a computer and some basic design software.


We frequently get a feeling “We have seen that somewhere before” and usually we have. A qualified designer  have a vast array of visual information stored away that he or she can call on when working with branding.


Major design mistakes tend to happen when research into the design has not been conducted, colours not consistent within a logo, text and fonts not appropriate to the type of business concerned.


One of our main beliefs is the computer is just a tool, it is the creative that produces effective bespoke design that stands out from the crowd.


Logos designed here at apt-art design have stood the test of time we always have a meeting with the client to get as much information about their business, any business ethos they believe in and any specifics they require in the logo.


Our team then sits down and looks at what the clients competitors are doing and then creates draft design ideas, all work is bespoke to the individual client. After the initial ideas and further discussions with the client we take the design onto the next level before creating professional design files. The finished logo can be used in a number of ways across a wide spectrum of print and digital media with files that can be used on a small business card right up to a huge sign.


The question: Am I going to make a saving by not using a designer?


Answer: In the long run no!


Most clients we have worked with either give us a complete freehand or have come up with some good ideas to start with; but our design skills take the design to the next level, bringing value to the brand. The brand or part of it can be used across all aspects of the companies design.


In our 35th year of trading; logos we have designed years ago are still in use today, a good design / brand may just need a little tweaking every now and then but if its good to start with it will last for years to come returning value to the business.