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Hot Hot Hot


Hot day here in the studio with 32ºC showing on the Davis weather station for outside temperature. Hope it lasts a few days

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Is Your Image Good or Bad?

creative thinking

Is Your Image Good or Bad?


As designers it is very easy to see when a business bypasses a creative and designs a logo in house, recently we have seen a number of logos produced where a company has designed it using a computer and some basic design software.


We frequently get a feeling “We have seen that somewhere before” and usually we have. A qualified designer  have a vast array of visual information stored away that he or she can call on when working with branding.


Major design mistakes tend to happen when research into the design has not been conducted, colours not consistent within a logo, text and fonts not appropriate to the type of business concerned.


One of our main beliefs is the computer is just a tool, it is the creative that produces effective bespoke design that stands out from the crowd.


Logos designed here at apt-art design have stood the test of time we always have a meeting with the client to get as much information about their business, any business ethos they believe in and any specifics they require in the logo.


Our team then sits down and looks at what the clients competitors are doing and then creates draft design ideas, all work is bespoke to the individual client. After the initial ideas and further discussions with the client we take the design onto the next level before creating professional design files. The finished logo can be used in a number of ways across a wide spectrum of print and digital media with files that can be used on a small business card right up to a huge sign.


The question: Am I going to make a saving by not using a designer?


Answer: In the long run no!


Most clients we have worked with either give us a complete freehand or have come up with some good ideas to start with; but our design skills take the design to the next level, bringing value to the brand. The brand or part of it can be used across all aspects of the companies design.


In our 35th year of trading; logos we have designed years ago are still in use today, a good design / brand may just need a little tweaking every now and then but if its good to start with it will last for years to come returning value to the business.

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B4 Who’s Who Craig Wardrop

Layout 1

Craig is the senior partner at apt–art design, having been brought up within a print and signwriting business from an early age, design was the obvious choice, after finishing four years at art school with an OND and HND in graphic design, gaining distinctions in design and photography he joined the family business. He takes pride and enjoys using his creative design skills to promote new and existing clients businesses

Outside of design his interests are

aviation, sailing, skiing and music.


About the Company

Apt – Art design specialises in creative thinking.

A dedicated design studio that prides itself on delivering innovative design to a wide range of business fields including; aviation, holidays, sailing, educational, industrial, medical, charities, professional and leisure services within the UK and Europe.

We believe that the computer is just a tool like a pen or brush; it is the experienced creative that creates good bespoke design.” In every business large or small the image portrayed is vital. We listen to your requirements and use our extensive skills and expertise in design, print and media acquired over 35 years to produce bespoke creative marketing materials.

Apt-Art creates; corporate identities, brochures, leaflets, websites, exhibition graphics and is a member of the prestigious Design Business Association (DBA).



Online Here

+44(0)1865 372981


Twitter :


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Solar Eclipse 2015


The fascinating view of the partial solar eclipse from our design studio here in Oxford. We were lucky that a small amount of cloud cleared at 09:30 but enough remained to be able to take this picture.

What a great experience to be able to see this natural sight,and proves just how much the earth needs the sun for warmth and light, the temperature dropped to 6 degrees and the silence as the birds all stopped singing.

Now with the eclipse passing, we have the second dawn chorus of the day how fascinating

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Windy Here!


The Beaufort Scale is a way of explaining wind velocity and has been around since it was created by Sir Francis Beaufort in 1805 it is used in referring to wind speed in the Shipping Forecast .

Today the weather Davis Vantage Pro2 Weather station based at our design studio has registered a wind of 42knt so a gust of Force 9 Strong Gale the mean wind has been varying between Force 6 and Force 8, one of the strongest winds we have recorded for some time. It will be very interesting to see the overnight wind and see if it has been higher although it was only forecast here for Max of Force 8

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Highgrove Gardens

Visit to Highgrove gardens, it was a great pleasure to visit HRH The Prince of Wales private gardens at Highgrove last week. It is a fantastic garden with so much creativity and harmony within a relatively young garden.

All profits from the visitors go to the Prince’s Charities, something that is very close to me, when I originally started in business I had a grant and a mentor from “The Princes’s Youth Business Trust” as it was called in those days.

It was fantastic to go and see this magnificent garden and put something back into one of the charities that helped me “on my way” all those years ago. The Princes Charities do so much good work and help so many if you like looking at gardens why not arrange a visit to this garden

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Apt-Art Design Joins the Design Business Association (DBA) – Press Release

Design Business Association Member

Oxfordshire design agency joins the Design Business Association (DBA)

Apt – Art Design a well established graphic design and corporate identity agency have just been granted membership to the Design Business Association (DBA).


With only 450 members nationwide of which 48% are London based, Apt-Art joins a select group of agencies in the Southwest, meeting the standards required. The DBA is the trade organisation for the UK design industry, focused on promoting professional excellence and building productive partnerships between commerce and the design industry. The association champion’s effective design, communicating its value and the impact it can have on business performance.


Craig Wardrop Design Partner said:

“Apt-Art is a small but dedicated graphic design studio that prides itself on delivering innovative design.
We believe at the core of every business, large or small, the image you communicate is vital. We will listen to your requirements to solve your communication needs using the extensive skills and experience in design, print and media acquired over many years. We believe that the computer is just a tool like a pen or brush; it is the experienced creative that creates good bespoke design, we work responsibly, politely and personally to create an ongoing relationship with out clients. With DBA membership we aim to bring these values and skills to a wider audience.” to view a small sample of our portfolio please click here


Apt – Art has been delivering communication though effective design for over 30 years. From their design studio in Kidlington near Oxford, producing creative design for print and digital for a wide range of businesses sectors covering aviation, holiday companies, education, industrial, charity, professional and leisure services.


John Scarrott, Membership Director of the DBA, comments “we are thrilled to welcome Apt-Art Design to the DBA. There are many small design businesses working in the UK and producing fantastic work. A particular focus for the DBA is to attract those creative businesses that work to a set of business values that benefit them and their clients. We look forward to supporting Apt-Art on their journey. ”

The Design Business Association exists to:
Promote professional excellence and to build productive partnerships between commerce and the design industry. The end goal is to champion effective design that improves the quality of people’s lives. Apt-Art Design is a member of the Design Business Association.

As such we are committed to following the guidelines set out by the DBA for its members:

  • Best practice to achieve effective design solutions to better our clients’ business
  • Competence in providing measurable value for our clients’ investments
  • Professional indemnity
  • Accurate and clear financial reporting
  • Commitment to salaries and charge-out rates in line with UK benchmarks
  • Continuing professional development of staff
  • Confidentiality and professionalism

Editor notes: 

For further information please contact Craig Wardrop, Design partner, contact or telephone 01865 372981

For further information on the Design Business Association please contact John Scarrott on 020 7251 9229

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