WordPress Blog to Facebook via Twitter

Social media as a lot of people know is a good way of getting your blog posts out and about.

How can you make the publication to social media quicker?

  1. Start with a website plug in, so that you can like a blog post
  2. Set up a Facebook Fan or Business Page
  3. Set up a Twitter account in your business or group name

Then step 2

  1. Log into Twitter and the Facebook account you want associated with your site
  2. Go to Settings menu
  3. then Profile Tab and scroll down
  4. Then click the Sign into Facebook and connect your account
  5. You may be prompted to select privacy settings – Set to Public only if you want people to see the post
  6. Click on the log in account you wish to use you will see the user photo

Then step 3 choose the page you wish to

You will see 3 lines of text see below and tick the relevant boxes that apply and the business page

Allow Twitter to:

Then click on allow to accept permissions


You should then find if you tweet a blog you get a link on you twitter and Facebook page to with web links back to your website – valuable for SEO

The one bit that had me foxed for ages was the “Allow Twitter” section and to unstick the post to Facebook profile but click the post to Facebook page.