Kidlington Weather Station @ 51′ 49” 18 N  1′ 16″ 54W

Live weather information from a Davis Vantage PRO2 station.

Wind: 5.0 kts

Gust: 19 kts

Wind: 36 °

Gust:  36 ° at 16:02


Outside Temperature: 5.7 °C

Outside Temperature Daily High:
5.9 °C

Outside Temperature Daily High:
-2.3 °C

51 %

5.0 kts / 36 °

19 kts / 36 ° at 16:02

Dew Point:
-3.8 °C

Wind Chill:

Frost Point:

Cloud Base:
4000 ft

Rain Today:
0.00 in

Rain Yesterday:
0.01 in

Rain Month
0.87 in
Our weather station located at our design studio in Kidlington Oxford United kingdom, streams the current unofficial weather


The station records outside Temperature, wind speed and direction max gust in last 24 hours, rainfall humidity, dew point, pressure reading including QNH (pressure height above sea level) Sun Rise and Set, Moon Rise and Set and cloud base.


You can also get a local weather forecast for Kidlington Oxford.


We also have under the records tab, records for the month, year and all time. We stream live weather most days during our office hours.